When you’re a member of ProPoint Cooperative, everyone wins.

Here in rural America, there are three things that never change; the land, the commitment of the families that farm it, and the loyalty of the local cooperative, which provides the inputs, markets and information farmers and ranchers need to stay profitable. As part of a bigger system that can handle the logistics of global markets, ProPoint Cooperative can tie your farm operation to vendors far beyond the county line. It also helps to represent your interests in shaping state, local and national policy.

As a member-owner of our local co-op, you have a say in how it operates, who runs it, and the local communities it supports. You also share in its success through patronage dividends based on earnings from the products you buy and the services you use. That’s money that stays in our local community, and helps us all thrive.

Being local, our cooperative knows you, your land, and what it takes to make your operation successful. We approach your business like a partner who has your best interests in mind. So in addition to providing quality inputs, we offer the risk management, agronomic and other services your operation needs.

As technologies change, it’s the next generations of farmers who face the challenge of staying current. By staying on the forefront of emerging technologies, we help young producers stay relevant while forming relationships that last a lifetime. Access to modern information helps younger farmers remain in the community and raises the bar for all members.

When you’re a member of ProPoint Cooperative, everyone wins. You gain a valuable local resource, the cooperative grows stronger, and the community in which we live gains a strong economic anchor that helps fund local initiatives and allows the community to thrive. Wherever you find successful farming operations and strong local communities, you’ll find a local cooperative that helped them grow.

Farming has always been about working together. Without each other, growing becomes more difficult. That’s why we continue to work as a team, every day. Together we both grow stronger.


ProPoint Cooperative does business on the premise that our customers’ success will directly impact our own success. The success of our member owners is what drives us, and that is the core of our mission and values. As long as our owners continue to be profitable and achieve their goals so will the cooperative that helps them achieve those goals.

ProPoint Cooperative works with our owners to understand their operations and their overall goals. Once we understand our customers true needs we can help formulate a winning strategy that helps them achieve success and with that our success.


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